Friday, January 27, 2006

There are probably a lot of things I should be doing right now, like moving the goodwill bags so A.-S doesn't think we live like slobs. But why misrepresent myself? Adam's a nice boy. He can take a little mess. And the compuradio is good tonight, the oatsoda is growing on me and there's a white cat sleeping on my lap. Clearly the odds are stacked against me getting up from this chair. Not least of which is the chance of loosing a limb to said white cat for disturbing her slumber.

I don't want this to be another post about how I (the blogger) have been lazy/busy/stressed/tired and haven't been writing and how I really should keep this up, but it already is.

1. met w/ high school best fiend/skate pal/show goer with to/miscreant/current resident of Nippon
2. reminisced
3. meant to write entry titled "Turkish delight" or "Big in Japan".
4. still formulating
5. trained/pedaled/90% in of doors/burning burning burning out
6. said good by to the MAC
7. traveled. went to CO. found future.
8. introduced self to, applied for, purchaced future
9. became homeowner, stressed, ill, cold
10. hit deer with gov't owned vehicle, killed it-killed it really bad
11. pained, worried, apologized, dreampt it came for me and mine
12. got jury duty, still got it, got justice
13. x-ed calendar
14. got back in line

Really, next week will be better. I feel it in my brains. Though the last wasn't all bad.

It's just hard to stay focused sometimes.

Eyes on the prize. You gotta be in it to win it. Play the man not the puck.

Cat's up.

Gotta wash the dishes.

Friday, January 13, 2006


It's Friday the 13th today and a full moon tomorrow!

I say again! Surely, we are FUCKED!

I gotta go duct tape my house shut.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The weather outside is frightful

January 12, 2006, 4:40pm. 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Man, we are so fucked.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Clip clip, art, rawk

I've always been a fan of montage art. It plays well with my short attention span. WS first showed me what it's about. And he's endorsed a by millionaire fraud. Must be good stuff.

And for the hipsters in the audience you can get Winston's work on yer pod now. Actually, some interesting stuff there. Foster's another fave.

There really is no underground. I guess that's why people like me can have blogs. No underground, just fringes. Outsiders. Marginal (wo)men. Suburbanites.

So what got me going on the cut/paste was this party. See also: ___ . Play it loud or not at all.

Friday, January 06, 2006

s'bout time.

Man, I am such a fuckin' late bloomer. I just copied the first cd I ever bought onto my computer and was totally blown away when the computer found all the album info in the ether without me even asking it to. I was actually a little annoyed by that. This thing is supposed to do what I tell it, not think for itself. Or worse, think for me! At least someone is though.

Anywho, the record doesn't even come up on the first few pages of google, so where the fuck does the puter find it? So I've now copied four more cd's; also selections from my formative years (more on that, turkish body hair and the first year of college later).

So what else have I done lately in late-blooming fashion?:
-Lived and raced in the MAC for 7 years, just made friends outside of my club/team
-got a coach
-started a blog
-got pants that fit
-left the country
-went to CALI
-went to CX natz
-am leaving the right coast (50 days-ish)

There's more but you get it. Here's to getting with it.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A stream of con-science

Man, I really do have a hard time saying, or typing, what's on my mind. For the past three days I've sat down in front of this thing and drawn a blank. I know there's thoughts in there, they just don't want to come out. Maybe it's just a pressure issue. I need to build up some mental steam before it gets to the point that I can put it down or spit it out. Even today it took some serious caffination to push the rocks out of the way. Or maybe I'm finally warming back up from the sloth of vacation. Or maybe it's this...or maybe it's that...

Whatever. This is some good coffee though. Methinks it's the Pure Alchemy blend. Says "cyclocross mud" on the bag cuz I bought it at Natz.

Ah, I remembered what got me on this. So I called in sick today and watching the daily show got me thinking that the show is presented as a stream of consciousness in the form of a media critique (at least today). Of course it's not the conscience of a single person, but it comes across like John S's thoughts. So the part of my brain that emits envy chemicals turned on and said "Dude, you think like that sometimes-why not say it too?" And I said back to it "I dunno, I just don't. Who would want to listen to that anyways." The envy brain replied "Well millions of people watch this show every day." "Hmm," I said, "maybe this would be good for the dete."

And here we are. Baby steps, I guess. I'll probably look back on this some day, and feel like I'm reading an expos 101 paper on why styrofoam containers are bad for the environment. I was probably listening to this cd then too.

Well, as for latest developments, there's not much to report. Did some wicket long rides with Sweater Toddd and zee gzerman last week. Squirrely ass Whyland showed up once too. ST was still holding some year-old grudge about how SaW commented that the HPH rides were "powder puff rides". So, of course, we rode accordingly. No one seemed to mind last time I stopped for a manicure and a moustache wax in Princeton...What's the big deal?

Oh, and if anyone knows a shop in or near Boulder that needs a wrench/lackey/gimp let me know.

Same goes for any colleges that need a safety guy.

Crunch time approaches.