Thursday, December 29, 2005

Rain, rain...

Go away! So the fine state of New Jersah gave me the week off from work cuz it's the holidays and all that jazz (see below). But mr. rainmizer clearly didn't get the memo. So it's been a very lazy vacation. Praps tomorrow that will change. The sol is scheduled to come out and el forto is itching to be unshackled from the trainer. As am I.

Check out the lucky punks in Cali. They get to cross it up for another month.

Josh getting shakey:

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Vacation Limbo

Here, see what these guys have to say. Hopefully more than me:

By the way, don't give me shit about dialup. It's free, and I'm cheap. Or vice versa.

T-minus 59 days to Colorado.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Happy fucking holidays

Now were' s my presents. That's right I don't want baby jeezus (especially if he's made of plastic), family dinners or snow on the ground. I just want presents. Alcohol is a fine substitute, but I'll probably have to supply that myself. Face it, that's the only reason I've ever come to family x-mas time. And the family part of it is always what sucked. In the 27 times I've been to jingle balls day I don't remember a single stress free one. Granted I don't remember them all perfectly or unhazily, but the general idea of this whole holiday fiasco makes my ulcers spit acid and my palms sweat. I've been (more) irritable and pissy(than usual) for at least two weeks now and over the next three days my cup will surely runeth over. The humming in my noggin is reaching for it's high pitched crescedno and I honestly hope I can break the string this year.

Actually the best present I could get would be total family blowout at the family dinner. Something to take pictures of. Someone to throw food at. Forehead veins bulging, red faces matching spilled red wine, dogs barking cuz they have feelings too.

This is the one thing I ask. If your gonna get married and have a family, do it the hard way, make sure it's done right with every resource and thought at your disposal. If you're gonna commit to a relationship do it completely and make it work. Don't make your kids run from one side of the family to the other on crismas, because even though they get more presents it's just not worth it.

Sorry mama.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

On the up an' up!

Fear not you sad SADers! Do not dispair mr. malignant. Here comes the sun. I thought the solstice was tomorrow, but I'll take it a day early. One or two more minutes of daylight today, depending on who you ask. Did you feel the earth wobble the other way last night? Did you feel us start to fall towards the sun again? I bet Sam Champion did.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Phys Ed

Friday, December 16, 2005

Ok, ok...Let's take it from here...

I guess this is it. I gots me a blog. Litvin will be disappointed.

This week is the beginning of next year for me. Cross natz, and therefore cross season, has come and gone. Now it's time to force myself to relax, get irritable and jittery from not riding and call that a week off. Fortunately it's almost over. Maybe I'll go back on my promise and ride this weekend.

Natz was awesome. By far the best time I've had doing anything in a long time. Pitted all weekend, in my last outing as a Herme. Raced a little (that didn't go so great). And partied like a Rock Star. Thanks again, VB's for putting me up and putting up with me. Speaking of rawk, Human Shield rocked the Crank Bro's party. Hopefully more on that later.

Josh rocks. He's a happy drunk. Except that he's about to eat out my brains.

I'll try to have something more exciting to say next time.

this page left blank

No Promises...

The morning 20 made me do it. Ounces, that is. Well, I suppose the past 30ish 20's made me do it. Been thinking about this for a while. But then I've never been one to say what I'm thinking, so I can't promise it'll be worth reading, or even doing. I'll do my best though.

Here goes nothin...